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AR0294   $365  NEW
Length 4.6"
Height 1.8"
Chamber 0.8" x 1.55"
Width 1.6"
Weight 61 grams
This black ring grain blasted full bent billiard/oom paul has a spalted maple ring and a cumberland stem.



AR0293  $385  SOLD
Length 5.5"
Height 1.8"
Chamber 13/16 x 1.55"
Weight 40 grams
This military mount billiard has a stunning golden contrast ring grain blast and varigated
horn to further compliment this beauty. The stem is black ebonite.

AR0292   $450   
Length 4.6"
Height 1.8"
Chamber 13/16 x 1.5"
Weight 56 Grams 

This Gorgeous, smooth bent Danish Egg has a Camel bone ferrule ring and an ebonite stem, with delrin tenon.  

AR0291    $345     SOLD
Length 5.6"
Height 2"
Chamber 13/16 x 1.73"
Weight 48 Grams
This dark craggy blast bent billiard has a military mount and horn ferrule. It also has contrasting smooth top and accent ring. The stem is black ebonite. Classic looks, feel and no doubt, just cool to smoke 

AR0290   $450 SOLD     
Length 4.9"
Height 1.75
Chamber .76 x 1.5"
Weight 49 grams

This stunning hatched egg shape has grain that won't quit, the pictures don't do it justice. I seldom do plateau top pipes, but love how this came out, and realized I need to do more like this. Feels great to hold! The saddle stem is black ebonite and made for comfort.   

AR0289    $385 SOLD
Height 1.75"
Length 5.3"
Chamber 13/16 x 1.52"
Weight 34 Grams
Group 4 size L Billiard with an awesome ring grain blast, brown color with red and gold patina. The stem is black ebonite with a spalted  maple inlay. 

AR0288     $325 

Length 5.1"
Height top of the bowl 1.7"
Chamber .74 x 1.4"
Weight 52 Grams

My take on an upside down pipe with
a dark sandblast, black ebonite stem.


AR0287  $325     SOLD 

Length 5"
Height 1.62"
Chamber .7 x 1.4"
Weight 32 grams

Natural blasted, ring grain lovat with a smooth
top and Cumberland ebonite saddle stem. feels
very light and comfortable in the hand.

AR0286    $475   SOLD
Length 5"
Height 1.85"
Chamber .77 x 1.6"
Weight 54 Grams
Details: smooth flame grain bent egg, gorgeous Birdseye, oval shank and canted saddle, black ebonite stem!  


AR0279    $350   SOLD    
Length 5.3"
Height 1.65"
Chamber .77 x 1.4"
Weight 41 Grams

Details: Ring grain blast Brandy with Buddha bamboo shank, black ebonite stem, delrin tenon!

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