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I have always been fascinated with pipes and began smoking and collecting pipes in the 1970's. Through the years my collection grew to include many high grade estate pipes from eBay that I  refurbished for myself. My journey into pipe making started a few years ago when the
Workshop_017custom desire to make more extensive repairs led to learning the mechanics of pipe making from pipe maker and owner of Pipe Makers Emporium, Paul Hildebrand in Phoenix Arizona. I have been a craftsman and business owner most of my life and found  making pipes provided a great creative outlet for me.

The third pipe I crafted won a "Best Billiard" contest, judged by the late Rainer Barbi. The next pipe I sold and bought more materials to begin making more pipes. Since then I have had the good fortune to meet and gain inspiration from some of the most renown pipe artisans in the world.
In 2012 I dedicated myself to making pipes full time.

All of the pipes I craft are handmade using the best Italian briar available. The stems for each pipe are hand cut from top quality German ebonite rod stock with the exception of an occasional Bakelite or Lucite material. Each pipe is crafted individually using the highest of tolerances to promote superior smoking characteristics. 


    I own 5 of Jerry's pipes and they are great smokers. I keep them in my rotation along with my Chonowitsch, Pohlmann, Ivarsson and S. Bang pipes. They have been easy to break in and smoke like a dream. I don't know where Jerry gets his briar but it's the best quality, and extremely light weight. His mouth pieces are some of the most comfortable I have ever put in my mouth.
    I bought my first Crawford pipe at the 2012 Las Vegas pipe show. I am glad that I smoked it while at the show. I was so impressed with the quality of workmanship that I went back and bought 2 more a few minutes after I smoked the first one. I have bought two more since the show, one of which is one of the nicest straight grains that I have. As far as I am concerned Jerry's pipes are the best buy in the pipe world and I can't wait to see what he brings to Vegas next year, although I may have to add a couple more between now and the show.

     Joe A Langford  WA.

   Elegant, and well crafted in Arizona. Crawford pipes are amongst the greats of the new wave of American pipe makers.

      Chuck Levi    ILL.

     I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the excellent craftsmanship of the new pipe. It smokes easily and stays cool and dry. It's been one of the best briars I've smoked right from the first bowl.  Great work!

     Russ Ouellette

 This is my 5th pipe of yours (almost a 7 day set!)  Once again I find your pipes of the highest quality and workmanship.  The feel in the mouth is equal to any Pre trans Barling or any of the marquee makers out there today.  Oh and the grain on this one is stunning and the staining simply compliments the briar.

    Tom Donegan CA.

 I own about a 100 pipes, 60% are Dunhill's and Castellos, and I can say with certainty that this Zulu smokes as well!

    John Gifford   Quebec 

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